" You yourself never have a colour, you get colour from others." - Arthur Japin -

    Cellulose laquers


    Cellulose lacquer is a lacquer based on cellulose resin. Because this paint dries very quickly, this paint is used a lot. This paint is also a good buy.


    Due to the many gloss levels excellent for wood in particular, furniture finishes, musical instruments and paneling


    The Plantulose lacquer from PCG Coatings or the cellulose transparent is a fast-drying quality lacquer based on synthetic resins and cellulose nitrate. The paint provides a hard but flexible, durable finish and is available in many gloss levels (also in high gloss). Cellulose is excellent for wood and furniture finishing.

    The Plantulose colour lacquer is a good-covering, quick-drying silk matte laquer also very easy to process. This colour lacquer is available in RAL and NCS colors.

    Maintenance care

    All items that has been treated with cellulose varnish has to be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Never use an aggressive detergent.

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