" The first characteristic of style is clarity" - Aristoteles -

2 Component-, metal- and parquet laquer


Our acrylic lacquer is a 2-component, non-yellowing lacquer based on acrylate resins. Usable as both a soil and topcoat system for wood and furniture industry. This varnish has good surface qualities and is easy to sand. The paint gives a high filling. The placrylat color lacquer is a 2-component well-covering lacquer and available in various colors and gloss levels. Acrylate is very scratch-resistant and resistant to discolouring contaminants such as coffee and wine.

Parquet lacquer is an acrylic specially designed for parquet floors. Available in 1 or 2 components.


Very suitable for the wood and furniture industry. Because the clear varnish does not yellow, it is very suitable to give the wood a clear appearance and is ideal for modern and contemporary furniture.


Placrylat Transparent, 2 component varnish based on acrylic resins. Gives a nice filling of the wood.

Placrylat color lacquer, 2-component well-covering, satin and high-gloss lacquer, available in various colors.

Maintenance care

Everything that has been treated with these varnishes should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Never use an aggressive detergent.

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