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    Wood stains


    Stains are transparent and sometimes slightly covering layers to give a nice look to wood. Stain partially penetrates the wood in opposite to paint. Stain also usually has a moisture-regulating effect and UV protection. Sometimes they are only applied to give colour. There are stains based on water, solvent and alcohol and can be applied in various ways: brush, sponge, spray or a cloth.


    All kind of wood


    Nitro also called varnish stains are transparent colour stains. The pigments and dyes in these stains are lightfast and therefore hardly discolouring. Nitro stains are also quick-drying, easily paintable and available in many colours.

    The water stains are pigments dissolved in water. This gives a clear view. Wood stains based on water give a nice effect on wooden surfaces such as oak, beech or veneer. The drying time is on average three to four hours. Easy to paint over and then available in many colours just like the nitro stains.

    Nature-Line Outdoor is an extremely weather and UV resistant fire retardant stain for outside. This stain is solvent-free and therefore very environmentally friendly. Very suitable for wooden façade paneling, outdoor wooden structures, garden sheds, outdoor furniture and fences. It gives the wood optimum and long-term protection. Emission-free product with ECO certificate.

    Maintenance care

    All stains with some exceptions always has a covering layer of lacquer. Clean with a damp cloth, Green soap. Never with an aggressive cleaning detergent.

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