" Color expresses something that cannot be missed, one must use it." - Vincent van Gogh -



    UV varnishes are special varnishes and contain components that hardens quickly under the influence of UV radiation. They can be applied in various ways. Such as brushing, rolling or spraying. After applying the UV varnish, the object is in an exposure unit in which it is exposed to UV radiation and the varnish hardens in just a few seconds.

    The great advantage of UV varnishing is that hardly any waste is released by the most commonly used application techniques such as casting and rolling. In addition, UV lacquers are solvent-free or very low (up to 5%)


    On many types of wood and particularly well suited for floors and interior walls.

    Laquer variants

    Transparent, colours and primer.

    Maintenance advice

    In addition to the standard maintenance that applies to all wooden floors and furniture (removing dirt and dust on a daily basis), lacquered wooden floors and furniture can also be mopped or cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Never use an aggressive cleaning detergent.

    Product information

    UV varnish is always custom-made and always has a different composition. The product is made again and again to the wishes of the customer. We therefore have no product sheet for this.

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