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    Maintenance and care


    Furniture cleaning and care products give a piece of furniture the original, clean and well-kept appearance. The PCG W-Cleaner is a water-based care cleaner and specially for oiled and varnished wood. It cleans the furniture by generously applying and wiping it with a clean, lint-free cloth. Then simply pick up the dirt with a soft cloth. After drying, treat with PCG W-Care for optimum protection. The F-care is specially for maintenance and protection of varnished and oiled wooden floors. For lacquered leather we have L-care en L-ProteC


    Plantag Coatings has maintenance and cleaning products that can be applied to all lacquered wooden furniture and floors. Plantag also has leather repair and color maintenance for leather. You can use these products yourself or give or sell them as extra service to your customers.


    F-care specially developed for cleaning and protecting varnished and oiled wooden floors

    • Mixing with water is therefore very economical
    • Makes very clean without affecting the wood
    • Is based on orange and jojoba oil and therefore has a pleasant odor.
    • Leaves no gloss and immediately removes shiny spots
    • Freshens up the color of the wood
    • Cleans, cares and protects at the same time

    W-care is a care product for a beautiful authentic look of wooden furniture. (also available W-Care Black)

    • Apply undiluted
    • Suitable for oiled wooden furniture or with a matt lacquer layer
    • Leaves no gloss layer
    • Cleans and cares at the same time
    • Nourishes and protects the wood.

    W-cleaner is an extra powerful cleaner that has a degreasing effect but is still mild for wood.

    • Effective mild cleaner
    • Suitable for untreated, varnished and oiled wood..
    • Immediately removes glimpses.
    • Suitable for regular use

    O-care is an ecological emulsion for lacquered or oiled wood

    • Very caring and protective emulsion
    • Gets the natural shine and refreshes the color
    • Suitable for regular use

    L-Care: For caring for and keeping leather flexible and soft.

    The L-ProteC is a unique product that brings you the original color of the buffalo leather.

    Maintenance advice

    Use the care product at least once a year to keep the furniture fresh and clean. Also in case of staining.

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