"We want the nuance; no colour, nothing but the nuance!" - Paul Verlaine -



    Patinas are fast-drying pigments dissolved in a solvent based on alcohol. Application: spray spray on furniture. After drying, a top coat must be applied. Patinating is a method to give a layer of paint an antique look. You can do this with various products and with several techniques.


    Patina is an additional application that you can use to create a beautiful effect. For an extra character. Patinating is an old technique that has been used by painters for years. A nice addition to this era of industrial furniture and retro applications. Patina is a layer between two layers of lacquer and gives more depth to the grain of the wood.


    Patina ESD is a fast-drying sprayable patina.

    Rustikal a wipeable patina which dries a bit slower. The product dries slowly so that there is a possibility to create different effects. Also at Rustikal, a final layer has to be applied after drying.

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