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    Water based laquer


    Waterbased varnishes or paints are water-tinnable and odorless, therefore, pleasant to use indoors. The solvent in this paint variant largely consists of water. Solvents in the paint ensure better flow. It also ensures that you can apply the paint with a roller, a brush or paint sprayer. Our water-based paint is suitable indoors.


    Suitable for every type of wood and MDF available in transparent and several (clear) colors.

    Laquer variants

    The PCG Basic A is a water-based paint. This varnish is part of two components and has the property that due to the good flow it gives clarity to the natural appearance of wood. It is a very high-quality product and very scratch-resistant. This paint is a good and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional paint systems because they contain almost no solvent (less than 3%). Is suitable for all types of wood.

    The Basic B is the second component and the hardener. This ensures that basic A dries faster and is easy to sand.

    • Natural soft shine, gives warmth to the wood.
    • Makes the wood water and dirt resistant
    • The paint is water-thinnable and odorless, so it is pleasant to use indoors.
    • The solvent in this water-based varnish consists mainly water.
    • Safer for the user and the environment than a synthetic paint.
    • Water-based paint is easier to release moisture, which results in less wood rot..
    • The gloss of water-based paints decreases less rapidly than with solvent-based paint

    Other water based lacquers:

    The Plaquadur color lacquer can be applied on all types of wood and also MDF. They can often be used as a topcoat. It is important to do a test surface to assess the adhesion.

    Plaquadur primer: a very good filling primer due to its high solids content. Quickly dry and easy to sand.

    Plaquadur Blank (transparent): Both in 1 or 2 components, a good and environmentally friendly alternative to the existing paint systems. Plaquadur Color: can be used as a base and topcoat.

    Maintenance care

    In addition to the standard maintenance that applies to all wooden floors and furniture (removing dirt and dust on a daily basis), lacquered wooden floors and furniture can also be mopped or cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Never use an aggressive cleaning detergent.

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