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    Furniture and parquetry oil


    With good penetrating capacity, furniture oil gives a matt and natural appearance to solid wood, such as oak. A protective and a water-repellent layer is applied with the oil. Available in different colors.


    Suitable for solid wood furniture and floorboards.


    The Eco Natural Oil gives a matte and natural look to solid wood in two layers. A protective and a water-repellent layer is applied with the oil.

    • Natural appearance
    • Formaldehyde free.
    • Contains less than 2% solvent.
    • Based on natural resources.
    • Suitable for professional use indoors according to the work legislation.
    • Very suitable for parquet floors and wooden furniture due to excellent impregnation..
    • Easy to apply..
    • Available in natural transparent colours.

    Wax oil provides matte deep and natural protection. According to the DIN 68861-1B chemical resistance test, this oil scores high on the water, alcohol and coffee resistance components.

    • Very easy to apply with a cloth, brush or pad.
    • The wood becomes dirt and water resistant.
    • Gives a deep view, the wood retains total relief..
    • Also suitable for industrial application (wax and casting machine).
    • Can be used with or without a hardener..
    • In addition, you can use this oil either 1k or 2k..
    • Also very suitable for outside..
    • Available in many trendy colours

    Other oil products:

    Urethane oil is a natural oil based on prethane modified oil. It protects and beautifies wood and makes the natural look more beautiful. It is very easy to apply, simply in several thin layers. Available in different colours.

    Linseed oil, a natural product par excellence, is suitable to give furniture a clean and well-cared for appearance. Gives extra accent to the wood.

    Parquet oil is very easy to beautify and protect your wooden planks and floorboards.

    Maintenance advice

    Very easy to use. The oils are regular, easy to apply in thin layers. Sand lightly first.


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